Under the Campaign tab (first icon in the World Map), you can find up levels that you fight through to gain the ability to auto-farm.

Each level has 5 sub-levels varying from multiple low levelled/geared heroes to bosses. They range from Common up to Legendary as of now. By clearing each sub-level, you are granted instant experience and gold. These rewards scales up as you clear higher levels2 

After you are able to complete all 5, you can start to auto-farm the level. When you re-click the completed level, you are prompted to start the farming. There are 5 tips/rules that the game provides:

  1. During auto-farming, your heroes will fight automatically. You don't need to control them.
  2. You can exit the game and your heroes will continue fighting in the background Check back later to see what rewards they have earned you.
  3. If you don't check back in 12 hours, the farming will stop.
  4. Every auto-farm battle has a boss. Kill the boss to receive the best rewards.
  5. If your heroes are doing poorly in battle, you may need to upgrade your line-up.

Pertaining these tips/rules, you can check every few hours to claim rewards and let it continue to auto-farm. Even if your heroes die, it will continue to farm while taking a couple seconds to simulate restarting the farm with full health heroes. The rewards can be found below in the table.

You can speed up the farming by 1 hour by using the daily free speed up, 10 gems, or 20 gems. Depending on your VIP Level, you are allowed to speed up more times per day.

Level Level Name Farmable Heroes
1 Outpost Neophyte, Post Recruit, Roguer
2 Forest of Shadows Roguer, Ranger, Assassin
3 Damp Caves Undead Soldier, Undead Archer, Skeleton Wizard
4 Booty Bay Dwarf Recruit, The Grey Mage, Red Battlemage
5 Direworld Plain Elven Scout, Druid
6 Devil Forest Elven Hunter, Druid
7 Maze of the Ents Rouger, Wisdom Elder
8 Ruins of Sara Ghost, Sword Ghost
9 Ancient Tower Elven Sentinel, The Elder
10 Crystal Caves BoneCarver, Zard Warrior, Ranger
11 Cursed Ranch Rhino Warrior, Rhino Oracle
12 City of Shadows BoneCarver, Zard Warrior, Ranger
13 Lake Eymir Two Headed, Sam
14 Fire Crows Fortress Black Hammer, Black Arsonist
15 Gate of Mobi Storm Hudde, Dwarf Guardian
16 Black Hammer Hall

The Destroyer, Smasherr

17 Moon Sand Island Storm Giant, Hill Giant
18 Blood Altar Marsh King, Spearman, Swamp Archer
19 Thunder Marsh Cullen, Swamp Flayer, Witch, Ranger
20 Obertan Weatherman, Void Assassin, Void Warrior
21 The Ghost Valley Dark Bishop, Dark Knight, Black Priest
22 Burial Grounds Death Lord, Cold Avenger, Sivir
23 Heat Field The Patriarch, Haze Wizard
24 The Ancients' Way Ondal, Shadow Blade
25 Blood Fog Coast Fegan,G-Power
26 Sea of Thorns Ghamoo-Ra, Fire Giant, Evil Eye
27 Hellgate General Logan, Smasherr, Manufacturing
28 Home of Haze Doomwalker, Horn Bersserker
29 Ladder of Destruction Headstriker, Omer, Disciple
30 Blackstone Keep Filima
31 Flame Summit Ormus, Balrog Lord, Soul Reaper, StormRider
32 Blazing Highlands Random Piece, Random Piece
33 Forgotten Impasse Random Piece, Random Piece
34 Dread Lands
35 Crimson Peak

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