The Guild Raid is a place for guild members to use their line-ups to defeat Raid Bosses and receive Guild Gold and Gold for completing the boss each day. There are 7 bosses and each on requires a certain guild level to unlock before it can be fought. You also must have defeated the previous boss in the raid. The raid occurs every 24 hours. Guild Leaders often put a limit on guild raid ever by power or limiting the types and number of Heroes you can use, there is two reasons they do this the first is so that everyone in the guild can have a chance to attack the boss and the second is for the Guild to level as each separate attack gains Guild experience. For example based on a guild with 30 members each time Warlock Aleria is attacked the guild gains 6 experience points so if you kill her in 20 attacks you only get 120 guild points plus 300 sign in point totaling 420 a day but if all members get to attack 3 times that's 540 guild points plus the sign in giving a daily total of 840 guild points.

Boss Level Guild Level Requirement HP Gold Reward
Ice Troll 20 Level 1 1.209.000 33%
Purple Lich 30 Level 6 40%
Warlock Aleria 50 Level 12 5.824.000 40%
Griswold 70 Level 18
Dragon Slayer 90 Level 25
Atlas 90 Level 28
Dark Lord 90 Level 30 97.920.000 80%

Guild Raid Rewards

After defeating the raid boss, you are rewarded Gold (a percentage of the damage you make, depending on the Boss) and Guild Gold depending what rank you are. A bonus 75 Guild Gold is given to the slayer of the raid boss.

Guild Gold Reward by Raid Boss
Rank lvl 20 lvl 30 lvl 50 lvl 70 lvl 90 DS lvl 90 A lvl 90 DL
1 180 300
2 168 270
3-5 156 240
6-10 144 210
11-20 132 190
21-55 120 160
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