Android logo v1.9.0 Update 25 October 2015
Added Guild Skill Feature
Android logo v1.9.12 Update 30 October 2015
-New Halloween event, summon "Dark Lord" event opens. Halloween value packs added, "Dark Lord" available in the Mystic Shop

-Now hero summon and champion summon will get you mystic runes. Rune can be redeemed in the Mystic Shop for Hero Fragments
-Earn Lucky Money by gambling! Lucky coins can be exchanged for Advanced Equipment in the Lucky Store
-Increased option for breakdown of equipment while autofarming
-Added Limited Time Arena, win legendary Heroes!

-Optimized enchantment process
Android logo v1.9.16 Update 12 November 2015
-Added support for Chinese

-Added limited time Value Packs

-Limited time summoning rewards
Android logo v1.9.23 Update 17 December 2015
-Added new level 100+ level up bonus packages

-Added limited time legendary synthesize event, new legendary:Bonecarver

-1v1 limited time arena is open, win legendary heros!
Android logo v1.9.24/v1.9.25 Update 22 December 2015
-Adjusted drop rates for Master Mu and Plague Bringer to be higher during Christmas Event

-Mystery Store; limited time for Dark Lord and Corpsedemon
-Daily Login bonus until December 31st; 50 Gems/2 Casino chips/2 Amazing Spellcrafts
-Summon Point Prizes; rewards for certain amounts of summons
-2 new Christmas Packages
-Santa's Shop; redeem Amazing Spellcraft for items

-New Champion Heros; Corpsedemon and Yuko
Android logo v1.9.26 Update 29 December 2015
-3v3 limited time arena is open, win legendary heros!
Android logo v1.9.27 Update 7 January 2016
-Added a brand new feature: Jade. Jade will provide help on promoting hero's properties.

-Value Package added that can only be purchased 5 times
-Playing in Casino a certain amount of times will offer great rewards (Ends Jan 13)
-Updated items in Marketplace to trend with player level
-Updated items in Guild Store
-Updated items in Casino
-Added rewards for clearing stronghold 32 & 33

-New feature added for using heroic summon scrolls
Android logo v1.9.28 Update 14 January 2016
-Added Jade Value Packs
-3v3 limited time arena is open, win legendary heros!
Android logo v1.9.30 Update 21 January 2016
Brand new feature: Brave Trial

Limited time event: I'm a Legend for Legendary Krintiz
Value Package added
Added floor 55 in the tower and adjusted difficulty of others
Added level 34 in campaign which drops level 50/55 equipment

Increased drop rate in auto-farming
Android logo v1.9.31 Update 27 January 2016
Brand new feature: Deathland

Summoning Event for Karin and Barea; get legendary weapons if you summon them
Winter value packages added
Winter's gifts; 50 gems and 2 heroic summon scrolls given daily until Jan 31
Mystery Store limited time; Skullder and Mirage

New Champion; Skullder
Android logo v1.9.32 Update 3 February 2016
Winter Event: Feb. 4 to Feb. 13 23:59 (UTC/GMT 0)
Winter Gifts; Daily Login bonus: 50 gems and 1 heroic summon scroll; 2 Amazing Spellcrafts.
Winter Package: two kinds of value packs are on sale, tap the EVENT for more details.
Amazing Store is open again, here you can use Amazing Spellcrafts to exchange for premium items. NOTE: Amazing Spellcraft now will show in your bag.
Android logo v1.9.33 Update 15 February 2016
3v3 limited time arena is open, win legendary heros!
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